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Most guys dont realize that being in a relationship with a shy. Home Random Post Rational male online dating 35 year old man dating 20 year old woman Free dating sg True free online dating.

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The Rational Male Compare. Dating Coach: Rollo Tomassi. DSR Editor Rating No Editor Review Available Yet. Request Review. Average User Rating No User Reviews Yet. Be the first to write a review. Say Hello. DSR Editor Rating. Average User Rating. The Language of Lust. Extreme Stamina. Rock Solid Relationships. Modern Day Sexual Man. Naked U. Female Orgasm Blueprint. Models: Attract Women Through Ho Unleash The Beast. Product Information "The Rational Male" is designed as a rational and pragmatic approach to intergender dynamics and the social and psychological underpinnings of intergender relations.

It includes the following concepts: - Positive masculinity - Feminine imperative - Plate theory - Operative social conventions - Core psychological theory behind Game awareness - "Red pill" ideology The author also explains the principles of intergender social dynamics. Equalism Skillsets:. Experience Level s :. Learning Format:. Release Date:. Feedback If you have a question or problem, ask us: Send Inquiry. User Reviews of The Rational Male. Share your thoughts with other users: Write your own review.

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I, single guy, was just turned on to your site by a good married friend of mine. I know he wishes sites like this existed pre-marriage for him. Please keep up the good work. Thank you so much for these mind blowing pieces of work. Keep them coming. Skim […]. They are in cognitive dissonance about what they themselves want bar for maybe few super-aware ones 1 out of 10 maybe. Try reading this blog for a few days and see if you have any ideas: The Best of Rational Male […].

Easy to use, easy to dump. So yes the beta gets less pussy but pussy is not his main interest anyway his main interest is the depth of the connection he can have with being with a woman. I think the vision most people on this blog on what a man should be is very limited and narrow minded.

Read the blog more carefully. Rollo never states that women only want AF. Captain Obvious!? Competing in other field. Yes, I have opinions.

No opinions allowed in a reply? People are complex mixtures of conventions, backgrounds, hormones, genes, brain chemistry, education, skills, affected by social environments etc. and that makes up a Person. Well guess what, what might work on one person might not work at all on an other. Why talk about games, competition, winning, losing, scoring?

Why not talk … Read more ». Yes they are, and when generalizing you should always be aware of that. But in studying dogs, one may assume all of them hear better than they see. And this is the … Read more ».

The choice: independent or protected, or heck! demand the privileges of both. More on […]. You could read into "red-pill" philosophy. Hey Everyone, Long time AFC, first time Alpha. You guys are amazing. I also have something I hope you guys can help. To keep it short, a while back 5 months , I became reacquainted with an old friend, who used to be the girlfriend of my old friend, up until he cheated on her; or so she told me.

Fast forward, we meet up for drinks on the basis of catching up and we ended up making out, which ultimately led to us getting out in my car. Things … Read more ». To get a better answer you should probably go to red pill reddit. As far as I see it: She reconnected with you 5 month ago.

Probably she is in her epiphany right about now and on the lookout for the best BB she can find. But, unfortunately, not all of them speaks english well enough to be able to read your articles.

I have MA in philosophy but I work in the IT industry now. Retrospectively applying theory to practice I could piece together what had happened throughout […]. What is your take on this? That is until a very disgusting end to an LTR completely shattered me. I was searching for answers and saw a link to your blog.

I spent 10 hours straight reading anything that caught my eye. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Great work. I really love this site. Thanks brother.

Keep it up! Hello everyone and Rollo. I am just finishing your book preventive medicine. I meant to say answer to my question. Not yourself. Thank you. Your blogs, videos,and, most of all, your book has helped me to finally unplug and see things for what they are. I feel smarter and more self aware now. As I mentioned in my last comment to you, you really need to read all of the links in my Year One collection.

But this also has important ramifications for physically unattractive men such as myself. When I analyse my previous actions and mistakes, I realize how much of what I did was motivated by a desire to preserve my ego and skip over this fundamental principle.

So many bluepill rationalizations and strategies for winning over the women … Read more ». Rollo, I think a lot of your writing is insightful and useful, while often motivated by pain.. For a man to have to manipulate women into thinking they are something, implies they are already unworthy of love.

I feel inflicting violence onto others for personal gain is worrying when put in the hands of perhaps unloved real, deep love. I … Read more ». Hello Robert. Because if one of them will not it will end up with one party listening and trying hard to find a compromise while the other … Read more ». I just finished reading the best of year one and i just want to say thank you Mr. The information on this site is mind blowing and really helped me so far deal with red pill rage after i listened to an audio book version of the manipulated man by Ester Vilar.

I plan buying your book and the 48 laws of power. I wont go too much into my story but i am a 36 year old male who was a hardcore beta in a LTR and im now learning to be an alpha and regain my freedom. You can read most of the book on his blog, but the idea of reading close to the equivalent of […]. Sana en son söylediğim gibi 1. Yıl Koleksiyonundaki her yazıyı okuman lazım.

Those who understand the dynamic write like Samizdat hacks under pseudonyms while journalists who support women who […]. I just wanted to say Thank you from my heart and soul for writing this book. I can feel it already. In one word I can sum up how I feel that I never felt before : Vindicated. Rollo — our company makes a medical device which lowers anxiety, and has been used with success by many clients to treat performance anxiety — fisherwallace. I thought this would be of interest.

Yours, Chip Fisher, President. Hey Rollo. I have to say I feel the same way about you as I do about Tom Leykis when I first discovered him. Not one inch of fat in your book.

Great work! I have all three books, I am on the first one. Let me tell you…. I am completely shocked that I did not learn of these things sooner. But the good part is what I read by far, I am able to build on what I already have naturally. And it is really FREEING rather than having fear of losing one girl or whatever.

Way too long I have made this horrible mistake but I been working on this … Read more ». I have a 24 year old son, that definitely needs your advice. What book would you recommend for his first read? Thank you for providing these lists for the first five years of the blog. I am a 60 yo man in exceptional shape who looks I easily attract 30 somethings and go on dates but the problem is I keep getting put in the friend zone.

After reading this book I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. After making a few adjustments I can see an immediate impact. So i have this question that I have been thinking about as i go through the book.

The Best of Rational Male – Year One,Intro to Rational Dating

“blogger.com is the only online dating website for travelers, and more specifically, we match Generous [Male] travelers who hate to travel alone with Attractive [Female] travelers who AdEveryone Knows Someone Who's Met on Match. Start Something Great AdReady to Start Something Great? Try Match AdFind Your Special Someone Online. Choose the Right Dating Site & Start Now!Types: All Ages Dating Sites, Senior Dating Sites, Gay Dating Sites AdFind Love With the Help Of Top 5 Dating Sites. Make a Year to Remember! Online Dating Has Already Changed The Lives of Millions of People. Join Today AdFind Love With the Help Of Top5 Dating Sites and Make a Year to Remember! Compare & Try The Best Dating Sites To Find Love In - Join Today!blogger.com has been visited by 10K+ users in the past monthTypes: Online Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating, Casual Dating ... read more

However, I do encourage that you and all the readers stop by the MSN. Pun intended. Feedback If you have a question or problem, ask us: Send Inquiry. One is automatically disqualified as an attractive guy or romantic interest because of shorter stature. Keith Balcombe. One last try to Major Rollo, I have not had any answer from you so far so I presume that you are busy still next week, after which the need for consultation is not needed any more. Writing regularly is more … Read more ».

Great blog. Thank you so much for these mind blowing pieces of work, rational male online dating. Use the conversation to reveal things about your personality. All rights reserved. Thank you Loading Home Random Post Rational male online dating 35 year old man dating 20 year old woman Free dating sg True free online dating. Sean Your worried and anguished about something that happened 18 years ago?